Hiking, biking, & winter sports in Bad Vigaun

Tour tips in the Tennengau region

What is your preference? Would you like to plan a hike through the gorgeous scenery of the Tennengau region, or how about a climb to the wonderful views from a mountain peak? Maybe you like biking, or perhaps you are coming in winter and would like to head out to explore the wonderful winter nature of the Tennengau region
under your own steam.

Whatever your preference, on this page you will find details of ALL the tours you could need when deciding what to do in the Bad Vigaun region, from hikes and bike rides and mountain bike tours through to Alpine ski tours or snowshoe hikes through untouched nature. The choice is yours, and you can find more information here.

Our tour tips for hiking and biking:

Tour tips Tennengau spring, summer, autumn

Our tour tips for winter holidays in Bad Vigaun:

Tour tips Tennengau winter