Schlenken - Top destination in the Tennengau region

… And Bad Vigaun’s “home” mountain

Whatever you choose to do in and around Bad Vigaun, the Schlenken mountain will nearly always be in view. From its appearance, it is presumably a volcanic mountain, but there is no threat of an eruption. It is a distinctive eyecatcher and a great area for lovers of the outdoors. Together with the Schmittenstein, it forms a lovely silhouette that is recognisable a long distance away, and attracts visitors with its wealth of possibilities.

A scenic eyecatcher

The Schlenken is 1648 m high and part of the Osterhorn group in the northern limestone Alps in the middle of Salzburgerland. The Schlenken’s summit is recognisable from a distance, even from the nearby city of Salzburg. It also offers fantastic views itself from its summit. These views take in the dominating Dachstein mountains to the south, and the distinctive Untersberg mountain, enthroned above the city of Salzburg. On clear days, you can even see the Chiemsee lake in Bavaria in the distance.

“Up” the Schlenken – a hiking tour rich in views

There are a number of lovely hiking paths and tours to the summit of the Schlenken, one of which starts in Bad Vigaun, from the Wurzerweg car park at approximately 1000 m above sea level. After about 600 vertical metres, you reach the summit of the Schlenken.

Tip: For the way down, we recommend the route via the Tenneralm where you can enjoy a delicious refreshment break. After various traditional home-made local culinary delights, both savoury and sweet, there is nothing to stop you enjoying more lovely walks around the Schlenken at Bad Vigaun.

"Around" the Schlenken – A circular bike tour around Bad Vigaun’s “home” mountain

If you like riding a bike, then you can choose to take the sporty or leisurely option of riding round the Schlenken on wonderful cycle paths and side roads. You always have the mountain in view, and also benefit from lots of other fantastic views en route. On a circular tour, you ride through Bad Vigaun, Adnet, Gaißau and Hintersee, offering a whole range of recommended places to stop off for refreshment and to enjoy the beautiful scenery. What a great bike tour.

"Inside" the Schlenken – The Schlenken Cave

Yes it’s true, you can also actually enter the Schlenken mountain, by visiting the Schlenken Cave. This 130 m long cave stands at the foot of a steep rock face and is one of many protected caves in Salzburgerland. The cave is NOT open to the general public; it is only accessible to those on a guided caving expedition. Those who take part in one of these visits certainly have a tale to tell afterwards.