Bad Vigaun medical health centre

Expert medical staff for your health and recovery.

Health and well-being are 2 important factors in life, not just on holiday. In the Bad Vigaun medical centre, patients and doctors are convinced of the health effects of our thermal spring water as well as the benefits to health brought about by the unspoiled, intact surrounding nature. The medical centre not only offers clinical stays and rehabilitation, but also holistic health care, and has built up a name for itself as a convalescent centre thanks to its modern methods of treatment and excellent results.

Bad Vigaun Clinic

The Bad Vigaun Clinic offers top medical care in a fine ambience. The Bad Vigaun Clinic has dedicated itself to individual medical care, supplied around the clock using effective therapies and sensitive care. Following substantial refurbishment and improvements in 2017, the Bad Vigaun Clinic has modern operating and treatment rooms, as well as its own laboratory. After a clinical stay, patients can transfer directly to rehabilitation, leading to accelerated success in health and regeneration.

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Rehabilitation in Bad Vigaun

A period of rehabilitation is a very important way of optimising success in recovery following serious illnesses, accidents, and operations. Often it is a question of getting fit for work again, but sometimes, especially with older people, it is about re-establishing independence in order to be able to cope with the demands of everyday life in a way that is as independent as possible.

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Active preventative health care

Achieve a state of health by being active! The new treatment process supported by the “Gesundheitsvorsorge Aktiv” pension insurance institution is all about extending the healthy life of people and preventing all sorts of ailments. The Bad Vigaun Medical Centre can support you in this, focusing especially on exercise, mental health, and healthy nutrition. Our programme of health brings patients to a conscious analysis of their own health, providing a means of positively influencing their life style, resulting in a long, active, and healthy life.

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Convalescence stays in Bad Vigaun

The Bad Vigaun health centre offers a convalescence programme catered to suit individual needs. In doing so, we follow a general preventative health care programme, resulting in retaining an ability to continue to be fit for work. Our convalescence centre is specialised in the treatment of degenerative and chronic inflammatory illnesses of the musculoskeletal system. The positive benefits of thermal spa water combined with modern therapeutic concepts leads to excellent results in the efficacy of healing processes.

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