Sights and attractions in the Tennengau region

From natural monuments through to untouched nature

Whether visitng in summer or winter, and whether you are an adult or child, the Tennengau region around Bad Vigaun has numerous sights and attractions in store for every taste and every mood. Bad Vigaun shows itself to be an especially diverse place. As well as having a primeval natural environment with a unique river landscape, there are lots of cultural monuments that are as popular with locals as they are with visitors.

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The “treasures of Bad Vigaun” – Top Sights and attractions

The Bad Vigaun people are very proud of their treasures and cultural monuments, and take good care that these are available for future generations to enjoy. If you take a walk with open eyes through Bad Vigaun, you are sure to find some of our treasures. Visit us in the Bad Vigaun Tourist Information Office and we will happily give you our brief guide about our local monuments and treasures.

Mechanische Sonnenuhr in Bad Vigaun
“What’s the time?” The sundial
Many centuries ago, before the introduction of modern technology, there was only one place in Bad Vigaun where you could see what time it was. The sundial on the parish church is one of the oldest treasures of Bad Vigaun. Come and be amazed.
“4 seasons” village fountain
The 4 stylised washerwomen in the “4 seasons” village fountain are hewn from a single piece of Untersberg marble. The other troughs are from 3 types of Adnet marble. Sure to astonish you!
Trinkbrunnen Bad Vigaun
“Water is life” drinking fountain
“When you hold water in your hand, you hold life in your hand.” This is the inscription on the drinking fountain. Both simple and noble at the same time, the drinking fountain quenches the thirst of many a walker on a tour with its fresh water. Taste the goodness of the Bad Vigaun water.

Fun, games, and recreation in the Tennengau region

Those who venture a little further than Bad Vigaun itself will find a whole host of lovely sights and attractions to thrill all the family, regardless of age. This breathtaking natural landscape of the Tauglgries nature conservation area is on show for all visitors to enjoy. The distinctive eyecatcher in the region around Bad Vigaun is our “home” mountain, the Schlenken. Whether you choose to climb it or circle it by bike is up to you, but the many recreational possibilities it offers are sure to thrill you and your family.