Hiking - unforgettable experiences in the Tennengau region

Bad Vigaun at the foot of the Schlenken is a perfect location for your walks

“It is still early when we start out on our walk towards the Schlenken. The fresh morning still pervades the valley, whilst the peaks of the surrounding mountains are already caught by the sun. We climb higher and higher towards the edge of the forest. It gets warmer, and we take off a layer of clothing. This is going to be a fantastic walk in the breathtaking scenery of the Tennengau region…”

Our top 5 walks in Bad Vigaun:

  1. Tauglbach / Themed trail “Lebensader Taugl”
    4.8 km, 46 vertical metres, approx. 1.25 h, EASY
  2. Schlenken, from Parking Area Wurzer
    6.33 km, 612 vertical metres, approx. 3 h, MODERATE
  3. Riedl / Samhofkapelle Circular Trail
    5.8 km, 99 vertical metres, approx. 1.5 h, EASY
  4. Broswirt Circular Trail
    8.1 km, 193 vertical metres, approx. 2.25 h, MODERATE
  5. Vogellehrpfad (bird educational trail)
    3,4 km, 101 vertical metres, approx. 1 h, EASY
  6. Bird Nature Trail, Circular Route
    3.5 km, 99 vertical metres, approx. 1.5 h, EASY

Our top 5 hikes in the Tennengau region:

  1. Schmittenstein day circular walk, path nr.74
    16.7 km, 1110 vertical metres, approx. 8 h, DIFFICULT
  2. St. Koloman – Schlenken
    4.4 km, 962 vertical metres, approx. 2.5 h, MODERATE
  3. Hike to the small Barmstein via the Thürndl ruin
    4.1 km, 309 vertical metres, approx. 1.75 h, DIFFICULT
  4. Trattberg circular walk
    9.7 km 710 vertical metres, approx. 5 h, MODERATE
  5. Kuchl Purtschellerhaus
    10 km, 1054 vertical metres, approx. 5 h, MODERATE

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For more information about walks, please visit the web page of the Tennengau guest service.

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Wonderfully varied for walkers - the hiking region around Bad Vigaun

It sounds as though you were walking on one of the nicest hiking paths in the Tennengau region around Bad Vigaun. The range on offer is broad. You decide: either you like the idea of a leisurely walk with the appreciation of nature as a priority, or you want to set off early in the morning to head up to the breathtaking views at one of the many peaks. Whatever your intentions, you should certainly stop off at a traditional “Alm” for some refreshment and sample some of the delicious local delicacies. Get your own Tennengau hiking map, or the Bad Vigaun hiking guide from the Bad Vigaun Tourist Information Offers, or order your hiking brochure here

Leisurely walks in the Tennengau region

The joy of exercise in beautiful surroundings. This is what leisure walks are all about; a stroll in the valley, or Nordic walking in the Tennengau region. There is no need to head up into the heights to find what you are looking for when walking in the Tennengau region. There are lovely places to stop off for refreshment and traditional Alpine huts are also to be found low in the valley. Look forward to meeting friendly people and enjoying wonderful culinary delights from the gourmet region of Tennengau. Just set off, and hunger is sure to appear of its own accord.

Traditional Salzburg Alpine huts: cosy places for refreshment stops and breaks

“Phew, this walk is lovely, but I hope we reach a hut soon…” Just as this thought starts to cross your mind, something appears on the horizon. A flag flutters in the wind, showing you that a cosy refreshment stop awaits. There is room for you and your fellow walkers on the terrace outside, and the friendly staff are expecting you. What will it be today? A “Brettljause” snack, fresh “Speck” bacon, juicy Alpine cheese, and a glass of milk? Mmmm, that tastes good!

Conquering summits on hiking holidays in the Tennengau region

For those wanting to head up higher, there are practically no limits set on your desires and intentions here. What do you fancy today? A climb up our wonderful Schlenken mountain, or perhaps another peak in the Osterhorn group?

The rocky beauties of the Tennengebirge and Hagengebirge mountain ranges are also not far away and you can access wonderful hiking tours easily by car or bus.

Time to set off: put on your hiking boots and your rucksack, and head out to enjoy a wonderful day in the high mountains.