Bad Vigaun gourmet producers in the gourmet region of Tennengau

Delicious food from Salzburgerland

The Bad Vigaun “gourmet producers” are a number of farmers, deliverers, and producers who have made the Tennengau gourmet region into a hotspot of regionality and culinary highlights. Where there is quality to be found, you will usually also find connoisseurs nearby who enjoy the pleasures of fine taste. These are the Tennengau people around Bad Vigaun.

Would you like to be one of these too?
We would love to welcome you to the Gourmet region Tennengau/Bad Vigaun.

Where it tastes best

What makes a great culinary experience for you? In GenussRegion Tennengau, especially in Bad Vigaun, enjoyment is a top priority. We, the people of Tennengau, carefully preserve our delicious recipes passed down through generations and produce refined, wonderful products from the best raw materials:

In the pastures of the GenussRegion, happy cows graze and produce the finest milk, the basis for delicious cheese and fresh butter. As summer comes to an end, the ripe fruits from the orchards are made into tasty jams or distilled into strong schnapps. Ham and bacon are smoked, oils are pressed, and spices are bottled or canned.

People who understand their craft

Bad Vigaun gourmet producers know exactly what they are doing. People know their craft here, and this is not something new. Many recipes and methods of production have been passed down through generations and no one would think of letting them die out. The Bad Vigaun people are friendly, heartfelt hosts. You can meet them at markets, on farms, or in various farm shops. Look over their shoulder at what they are doing, and taste the wonderful produce that our region in and around Bad Vigaun has to offer.

What matures over months ...

The "Kasstüberl" of the Schmiedbauer cheese dairy in St. Margarethen near Bad Vigaun is a charming oasis for cheese lovers and gourmets seeking something special. Let yourself be seduced by regional specialties and unique flavors. The delicacies made with love and refined taste from the farm's own hay milk invite you to linger and relax in a cozy atmosphere. Discover a culinary experience that makes every visit a delight.

Get an overview of our culinary partners in Tennengau with the Genussplaner and take a piece of Tennengau home with you.