Taugl natural bathing area – Nature paradise in Bad Vigaun

Crystal clear water, a nature conservation area, and fabulous recreation area near to the city of Salzburg

To the south of the city of Salzburg, between Bad Vigaun and Kuchl a crystal clear brook runs, the Taugl, with beautiful natural scenery spreading out on either side. Over the course of millennia, the crystal clear, ice-cold water has cut its way through narrow gorges and over tumbling waterfalls, creating a unique display of nature. For animals, plants, and also people, the Taugl is a habitat, nature conservation area, and breathtakingly beautiful recreation area.

Taugl – Bathing fun on hot days in crystal clear water

Not everything is forbidden in the Taugl nature paradise. The wild river with its ice-cold, crystal water offers a wonderful natural place for bathing, and is especially popular on hot summer days. The Roman bridge is the oldest bridge in Salzburgerland and is a listed construction. From the rest areas, you get the best views of the tumbling Taugl waterfall. If the water level is low, you can see the “Teufelsstein”. According to legend, the devil threw this stone from the bridge in anger and frustration.

Flora & fauna

A host of rare spieces of plants and animals have made the primeval, untouched environment of the Taugl lifeline their home. The sandpiper has become very rare in Austria, but you can spot it by the Taugl. Little ringed plovers can be seen too, incubating their eggs on the gravel banks of the Taugl, a wonderful place of refuge. To keep it so, there are designated protection zones where people are not allowed to enter from the start of April through to the end of July.

The “Taugl lifeline” themed path – an exciting circular walk for all ages

The circular walk along the themed “Taugl lifeline” path is especially popular for families with children. Along the trail, there are information boards telling you all about the local flora and fauna of the Tauglgries area.

Take a careful look at this fascinating habitat during the summer months on a guided walk and find out more about nature and the European conservation area, Tauglgries.

Playground, viewing platform, and bathing places

Children can play around on the nature experience playground and begin to understand nature in a playful way. The viewing platform with telescope gives great views along the natural riverbed of the Taugl. Benches and bathing places are lovely for resting and whiling away the hours.