Gourmet vouchers

Taste sensations as a gift from the gourmet region Bad Vigaun

Are you one of those lucky people to have a gourmet voucher from Bad Vigaun? If so, there are 12 partners in Bad Vigaun looking forward to your visit and serving you the best that our region has to offer. Enjoy being spoiled and delight in Tennengau Alpine cheese, original mountain lamb, and a variety of other culinary highlights, lovingly presented in a basket and ready to take home with you.

Gourmet pleasure from the farm, a speciality in Bad Vigaun

Lovely people, friendly faces, and real gourmet experts at work. Visit our Bad Vigaun gourmet producers at work on the farm, or meet them at any of the many farmers’ markets. Get to know the suppliers personally, and find out how much work, commitment, and passion lies behind the production of high-quality produce.

We are sure that you will be thrilled with the Bad Vigaun joie de vivre and fullness in the high-quality produce of the Tennengau region.

Things to know about Bad Vigaun gourmet vouchers:

  • Gourmet vouchers can be redeemed at 12 gourmet partners in Bad Vigaun
  • Visit our cheese producers in Bad Vigaun
  • Come and visit the various gourmet inns in Bad Vigaun
  • Our gourmet vouchers deliver nothing but the finest, local produce that is produced in a sustainable way.

From Alpine cheese to traditional “Jausen” snacks

Food and drink are important parts of any holiday in Austria, and this especially applies if you are on an active holiday and if you are staying in the gourmet region of Bad Vigaun. Your culinary journey begins right at the start of the alphabet with Alpine cheese, and takes you through to traditional “Jausen” snacks. On the way, experience a variety of healthy, delicious offerings made from fruit and vegetables, a large variety of dairy products, and savoury sausages and ham specialities. It’s not only the gourmet connoisseurs that rave about the food & drink here.

Bad Vigaun gourmet producers:

Take a delicious journey through Salzburg produce from the Bad Vigaun region, with original Alm cheese of various sorts and strengths, butter, yoghurt, whey and other dairy products, smoked ham, Speck, and sausage specialities, jams, liqueurs, and high percentage schnapps, freshly baked bread, bakery items, delicious cakes and more, all available from our gourmet producers: