Bad Vigaun Thermal Spa

The therapeutic spa baths in Salzburg with healing water

The Bad Vigaun spa baths, a pearl of the spa province of Salzburg. The therapeutic 35°C water has been springing to the surface for many thousands of years. The spa baths have been around since 2009 in their present form, a modern design using traditional, natural materials and with plenty of space for relaxing and feeling great. Choose the spa landscape or sauna world you want to visit, or put yourself in the hands of our beauty experts, and simply enjoy.

The healing power of water …

…  or to put it more precisely, of thermal spa water. It is that that makes the Bad Vigaun spa baths so popular and therapeutic. The thermal spa baths are fed by the St. Barbara spring that has been bringing the 34°C water to the surface continually for many thousands of years. The healing properties of this are especially appreciated by those suffering from degenerative or chronic inflammatory joint complaints. What’s more, the spa baths are your “place to be” if you experience problems with your spine, muscles, ligaments, or tissues, or are in need of urgent regeneration following an operation.

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Thermal spa, sauna, beauty & more

The thermal spa water from the St. Barbara spring comes from a depth of 1354 m, and forms a thermal spring landscape at the surface in a class of its own.
A noble design, with a bathing area flooded with natural light, and spacious rest zones create an environment that is perfect for relaxing.
In the sauna landscape, you can match the heat exactly to suit your needs, with a choice of temperature and humidity.
The Bad Vigaun Beauty Centre has an experienced team to cater for your well-being and beauty.

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An overview of the Bad Vigaun’s spa baths. What to expect:

  • Roman pool, 36 °C healing water
  • Indoor pool, 32 °C healing water
  • Outdoor pool, 28 °C healing water
  • Aromatic steam room, brine steam room & sanarium
  • Finnish sauna, rock sauna, infrared sauna
  • Panorama rest room, sun terrace & dark room
  • Beauty centre for revitalising body and facial treatments
  • Range of massages
  • Hairdressing salon, themed boutique and cafe