Lifeline Tauglwald

The History Path

Originally a history path for a number of years, Lifeline Tauglwald was completely reconceived and redesigned in the spring of 2023, giving rise to the new trail we see before us today.

Lifeline Tauglwald Theme Trail

The Lifeline Tauglwald Theme Trail unfolds along a beautiful forest pathway that provides abundant shade, certain to be appreciated during the summer months especially. It promises a wealth of discoveries for visitors of all ages. Along the route, informative panels reveal fascinating details about each location. Learn more about the subterranean lake in Bad Vigaun, discover the “Vogeltenn”, and take note of the rockslide.

An Ideal Family Excursion

Lifeline Tauglwald makes for a delightful family outing, not least because it is also stroller-friendly. The children will be thrilled to bits by the oversized birdcage, even inviting them to clamber inside and explore. Meanwhile, mom and dad can simply lean back and stretch out, and take a well-deserved rest, allowing themselves to be completely embraced by Mother Nature. Keep your eyes peeled as you try to spot the various bird species that have been “perched” amongst the trees. Who can find the most?

Exploring the Stone Labyrinth

Another eye-catching feature is the Stone Labyrinth at the site of a major prehistoric rockslide, certain to intrigue curious explorers one and all. Along the trail, you will encounter several resting spots, allowing you to immerse yourself in the utter tranquility of nature and listen to the symphony of the forest.

Our Recommendation

Lifeline Tauglwald combines marvelously with the other hiking trails in Bad Vigaun. For a unique natural spectacle, we personally recommend continuing your journey via the “Lifeline Taugl” theme trail.